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About Us

After many years of trying and using many different types of food for our dogs we decided to look for a manufacturer of top quality pet food that didn't have the expensive price tag but still supplied all the vitamins and minerals that our beloved friends require to keep them fit, healthy and happy, we found this in Kanine Komplete.

The many varieties gives options for all breeds and ages to enable pet owners to feed the one that is better suited to their pets lifestyle and growth phase.  

We are so pleased with the results, our dogs are in super condition with lovely bright eyes and shiney coats, to the point that we can now offer this premium food to yourselves at an affordable price. Used by winning show dogs, active working dogs and family companions.


As a small company, a personal service is very important to us and to yourselves so please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or would like to discuss feeding Kanine Komplete to your dog.


Kanine Komplete keeps our dogs in excellent condition for the showring

Our Premium Puppy Food is suitable for all breeds and is available in Large Breed and Small Bite size kibble

Family Friends love the taste of Kanine Komplete which is available in Salmon, White Fish, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Duck

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