All our prices are correct as of May 2021

Complete Balanced Food
Suitable for all breeds, sizes and lifestyles from Puppy to Adult

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Quality at an affordable price!
Compare our products and ingredients with other quality brands, then compare the price!

Large & Small Bite Kibble
Available in larger kibble for robust puppies & adults with the small bite for more delicate mouths

Delivered direct to your door!



12kg Bags from just £41.95 to £44.15

Feed raw and need a good alternative?
Then this range maybe just what you are looking for :-)

65% Beef, Duck, Salmon, Adult & Puppy

65% Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Adult & Small Breed

With lots of vegetables, herbs and sweet potato.
Rich in Collagen and pre-biotics!


Grain Free 50% from £33.95 - Premium from £23.50 - Naturals from £29

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KK Grain Free Prestige 65%

KK Grain Free 50%

KK Premium

KK Naturals

All breeds of dogs, big or small, young, active or senior,

Family companions, working & show, deserve good quality food to help keep them in super condition, with shiny coats and an active mind.

Ranges and varieties to suit all!

Need some advice or to order.....give me call! :-) :-) 

*Ex delivery which is £5.99 for up to 27kg so each box will carry 1 x 15kg VAT Free Breeder/Working Bag and 1 x 12kg Normal Bag


From a personal point of view

Kanine Komplete is regularly fed to all our German Shepherd Dogs that show & work, along with our retired/oldies - Keeps them in fantastic condition!

 15kg Working/Breeder Grain Free 50% Meat/Fish from £36!

(Ex delivery)

Adult Grain Free 50% is available in Salmon/Trout, Chicken, Haddock, Tuna, Venison, Lamb, Duck and Turkey, all with Sweet Potato and various veggies and herbs. Large Breed Adult available in Salmon or Turkey.

**Also available in 60% Chicken Puppy, Salmon Puppy

and 60% Salmon Large Breed Puppy/Junior variety

Super discounts for larger/bulk orders!

*Some varieties cost a little more

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